Peter Neumann

This terrible year has claimed another victim. Peter Neumann died this morning in Oxford, peacefully, of Covid.

Peter was my DPhil supervisor, later colleague, always friend. I will not say more now.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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7 Responses to Peter Neumann

  1. Gordon Royle says:

    Terribly sad, such an amazing intellect and astonishing erudition, yet completely at home talking to my (then) ten-year old daughter over brunch.

  2. I very sad to hear this. Peter was my PhD examiner. I’ve a lot of respect for him. A great loss.

  3. Dima says:

    Very sad. I first met Peter in Oberwolfach, in 1993. Time flies… RIP

  4. Reg Allenby says:

    I am very sorry to learn of Peter’s passing. Despite his intellect and knowledge being far superior to mine, never, in conversation, did he ever make me feel uncomfortable. The same applied to his father who was my group theoretical ‘grandfather’ via my group theoretical ‘father’, Jim Wiegold. I think I first met Peter at his flat(?) during the Shrivenham BMC having been taught, as an undergraduate by his mother, Hanna.

  5. KWRegan says:

    My great condolences. I learned today from Soren Riis. I will also work on what more to say…

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