Happy new year

I hope the New Year is better than we deserve.

I will be spending most of the first six months in Cambridge, at a group theory programme at the Isaac Newton Institute. So hopefully I will have some time for catching up and tidying up; things have got in rather a mess, and it has been a couple of years since I had a holiday.

This also means that there might be a higher proportion of group theory in what I have to say.

Gull in Regents Park

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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5 Responses to Happy new year

  1. Josh Paik says:

    Happy New Years! We will miss you deeply in St Andrews. You deserve more of a say in everything, not just group theory.

    • Andrew De Gruijer says:

      Yes, that is very true! If you forgive the acidic remark thrown in your face like this, the battery of St Andrews isn’t exactly its fully charged.

  2. Calina Durbac says:

    Happy New Year! Have a lovely time in Cambridge! We will miss you in St A!

  3. You will see me in St Andrews from time to time, trains permitting…

  4. mailsieve.com says:

    Thank you, Sir. Same to you and yours!

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