Election musings

We have a general election in just over a week, the third in less than five years.

Like every election, there are multiple issues. I recommend Diamond Geezer’s post today on the Conservative manifesto; he has heroically read the whole thing and discovered some rather disturbing promises buried at the back. But in this post (I don’t usually do politics so I will be very circumscribed) I will pretend that there is just one thing (or possibly two things) on our mind: Brexit, and a second Scottish Independence Referendum (Indyref2).

Here is how the parties stand.

  • Conservative: Brexit YES, Indyref2 NO.
  • Labour: undecided (but they could be persuaded to support Indyref2 if it would get their leader into Downing Street)
  • Liberal Democrat: Brexit NO, Indyref2 NO.
  • Scottish National Party: Brexit NO, Indyref2 YES.

There is no need to consider others, since we have candidates only from these parties standing here.

In our constituency, North-East Fife, fortunately, the party led by the lying hypocrite and the party led by the indecisive bully seem to have very little chance of getting in, so it is between the LibDems and the SNP. So, under our blanket assumption, my view on Indyref2 should be decisive.

But two things complicate matters.

First, one’s attitude to Indyref2 depends very much on whether and how Brexit happens. If the UK leaves the EU, the best thing for Scotland might be to leave the UK and rejoin the EU; but of course this might mean that Hadrian’s Wall might have to be re-fortified …

Second, and possibly more relevant. The SNP push No Brexit very hard in their campaign literature, but say less about Indyref2 (though it is clear in their leader’s pronouncements). For example,

It is important to remember that Scotland, and North-East Fife in particular, voted decisively to remain in the European Union. It is also important to forget that Scotland, and North-East Fife in particular, voted decisively to remain in the United Kingdom.

Actually they didn’t say that. The first sentence is in their campaign literature, while the second was written by me but seems a fairly clear reflection of the statements made by their leader.

Our current MP, Stephen Gethins, who won by two votes at the third recount in hte last election, is a very good constituency member. But it is worrying that he signs up for this small hypocrisy.

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1 Response to Election musings

  1. Dima says:

    I can vote only with my feet in this election — and we will, although this is a much more complicated and painful process than “real” voting. Unfortunately the UK has been turning in a reincarnation of USSR lately, with “opposition” not opposing, state media saying what the government wants them to say, and us all of a sudden having to beg the Home Office to please let us stay in our own, since 2014, house, is too much.

    I’ve wasted a lot of time on following the UK politics since 2016, so may I just remark that the Indyref vote was obviously influenced by promises to stay in EU made by “No” campaign, which was saying that the best way stay in EU for Scotland is to vote “No” in the Indyref. This has tricked the pro-EU Scots into voting “No”. This is something to be added to the statement in red above.

    If the Tory govenment materialises this week, one would regret not voting SNP a lot.

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