2 Responses to Plan S-for-shock

  1. Yemon Choi says:

    I must confess that thought of revolutions makes me think of Pratchett’s take, or at least the lines he gives to Vimes:

    “Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions.”

  2. Pete says:

    I think one can answer the question as to why hybrid journals are not to be tolerated, and that this is a good thing. As it stands, for REF-compliance we (effectively, even if this is not done by us personally) have to pay APCs for articles in many journals, which of course is money flowing to the big publishers. But these publishers of course do not reduce the journal price to universities just because some articles are already open-access, and not enough are open access to justify dropping the journal subscription (even if this is an option, which with bundling it generally is not). So the effect of the current REF policy is to pay big publishers twice for UK research; banning hybrid journals seems to be a good way to close this loophole.

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