A virtual colloquium

I feel a bit nervous about advertising this.

This Thursday, 25 April, I am for the first time ever giving a virtual colloquium. The Northeast Combinatorics Network (that’s Northeast North America, for pedants) have an occasional Virtual Combinatorics Colloquium, and I will be speaking at 2pm Eastern Time (19.00 British Summer Time). When I consider all the things that might go wrong, and the distance my words and pictures have to travel, I am not filled with confidence …

So wish me well, and join if you feel so inclined.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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4 Responses to A virtual colloquium

  1. Matt Ollis says:

    I’ll be logging in with some fraction of my intermediate-level discrete math class (and co-teacher of that class and anyone else who wanders by). Probably 4-8 of us. We’re looking forward to it!

    • Matt Ollis says:

      Thanks Peter, we enjoyed it and learned a lot. The entire math and compsci departments were there (three people, including me, which sounds less impressive) and three students.

      The power on my laptop ran out. Luckily we made it to the end of the talk, but only just. We missed any questions/conversation afterwards unfortunately.

  2. Sebi Cioaba says:

    I and my students look forward to it, Peter! In bocca al lupo 🙂

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your support. We got to the end without any great technological failures, though had a bit of trouble before the start. If you missed it, the video should appear sometime; check the VCC link above.

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