and G is for …

I am in Oxford for the birthday conference for Dan Segal and Aner Shalev. I will write something about that when time permits.

This is just to report a discovery. There is now an official “Oxford Mathematical Alphabet”. I have lost count of the number of lectures I heard in Oxford which began “Let G be a group.” But not any more, it seems. In the Oxford mathematical alphabet, G is for … Growth Tensor.


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3 Responses to and G is for …

  1. This term I am teaching two courses. In one, there will be multiple instances of “Let G be a group”. In the other, there will be multiple instances of “Let G be a graph”. A significant proportion of the students are doing both courses, so this will undoubtedly be a source of confusion throughout the term.

    There will, thankfully, be no mention of growth tensors in either course at any stage!

    • I started my lecture here by saying, “graph” is a Greek word and “group” is a German word, so we should call our graphs Gamma and our groups fraktur G. But I have never been able to draw fraktur G so I will stick to ordinary G for groups. Nobody objected too violently. (“Here” is Rytro in Poland, for the 8th Krakow graph theory conference.

  2. Yiftach Barnea says:

    Growth Tensor sound like something from Carry On Maths. 🙂

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