Success stories

The London Mathematical Society’s “Success stories” project has officially launched; the webpage is here.

I thought the aim was to tell the world that mathematics is a great career by recounting the stories of people who have some interesting success to tell about. Well, that is part of it, but it seems to have another aim, which is to provide role models for groups under-represented in the profession. Of course you cannot speak against this aim, but looking at the web page you might get the impression that, while most mathematicians in the UK are male, most of the successful ones are female.

Enough negativity: it is a site well worth browsing, and the people represented there have interesting stories to tell. We are all people, and mathematicians are as varied as any group of people; there is something to celebrate, and this website does it. Take a look!

And to declare an interest: you will find my success story there also.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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