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I check the links on my web page from time to time. Yesterday, I checked the links to my arXiv papers, and was a bit surprised to get a message that “this search method is deprecated”.

It took a little bit of research and experimentation to figure out how to use their new search function. One change: before, I had separate searches for my papers in mathematics, statistics and computer science, because I didn’t know how to combine them; now I have a single unified list (partly because I don’t know how to separate it, but also because this seems to me to be better; the distinctions were somewhat artificial).

Anyway, I put a link on the right-hand bar of this blog. It should work OK; let me know if there are problems.

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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1 Response to arXiv search

  1. Jan Grabowski says:

    Apparently the new search went live on Wednesday:

    So it wasn’t broken for long! There are a few interesting things on the arXiv-NG roadmap, including – if I read it correctly – some mitigation for the current warnings about (self-)plagiarism on papers where we’ve just used the same preliminaries as in another paper.

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