Summer research into print

I described here the outcome of a summer research project in 2016 with St Andrews undergraduates Horacio Guerra and Šimon Jurina, on power graphs of torsion-free groups. (It took us a while to write it up, for various reasons.)

The paper was published on-line yesterday here, in the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics.

Congratulations to Horacio and Šimon! They have beaten me: I was already a postgraduate student when my first paper was published.


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One Response to Summer research into print

  1. There is an addendum to the above, which I didn’t want to put in the post since it is not so positive.
    The paper concerns undirected and directed power graphs. LaTeX provides a neat way to distinguish: the command \vec puts an arrow above its argument. Unfortunately, when I put the paper into the Springer journal style file, I discovered that Springer have re-defined \vec to set its argument in bold type. (After all, who would typeset a vector in anything other than bold type?) So I submitted the final version as an unadorned LaTeX file, not in Springer style, and warned the typesetters about the problem. As I expected, they used something like \overrightarrow, which sets a huge clunky arrow destroying the nice spacing around the symbol.
    Then, when the proofs came from the publishers, I found a document with one page of instructions, two pages of metadata, one blank page, and that was all: no actual proof of the article!
    To be fair to the proof correction people in Chennai, when I told them about this they very quickly put the right document up, and the three of us checked it and found that no corrections were necessary.

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