London Mathematical Society Newsletter

The first issue of the revamped LMS newsletter, edited by Iain Moffatt, reached me a little while ago.

The first obvious difference is that it has gone from A5 to A4 format, the same as the newsletters of the European Mathematical Society and the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.

A lot of content hasn’t changed, though now on the larger pages it is laid out more spaciously: news, reports of meetings, Council diary, forthcoming Society meetings and other events, book reviews, obituaries. But along with that there are a couple of longer features: Béla Bollobás on Bill Tutte’s centenary, Andrew Granville on a “panopoly” of proofs that there are infinitely many primes (which has non-empty intersection with the first chapter of Proofs from the Book, not surprisingly), and an article by Elizabeth Quaglia on how to ensure efficient performance of networks to download requests while keeping the requests confidential.

A new feature is “micro/nano-theses”, designed to highlight new results by young researchers. In this issue, Matthew Burfitt tells us about “Free loop cohomology of homogeneous spaces”. We also have the first two in a series of “Success stories in mathematics”, which will hopefully showcase what great careers are available to mathematicians.

The Newsletter is not entirely free of misprints. It corrects several in the last issue (including a garbling of Ramanujan’s famous equation 103+93 = 123+13), but manages to miss out completely the accented letter in the name Erdős.

But definitely a change for the better. Well done Iain and his team!

The Newsletter is available on-line at .

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