These days I travel fairly often on the East Coast Main Line between London and Leuchars (for St Andrews).

Last spring, for one journey they had announced when I made the booking that the train would leave Kings Cross 13 minutes earlier than usual. I kept a lookout to see if I could spot the reason. Just after Peterborough we turned off onto a line that took us through the very flat daffodil fields around Spalding, and the city of Lincoln with its cathedral, before rejoining the main line just before Doncaster.

Last weekend, we had a similar (but unplanned) diversion. When we boarded at Kings Cross there was no indication of any problem. But, unusually, I tried using the 15 minutes of free wi-fi. The main page showed the train’s progress, and timings for the trip. They showed us on time to Newcastle, but 53 minutes late at Berwick-upon-Tweed. They were right about the latter, but wrong about the former.

On arriving into York, it seems they had realised there was a problem (caused by overrunning engineering work). So we would have to take a diversion, and not stop at Darlington; passengers for Darlington were told to go to Newcastle and take a bus from there. (It might have been kinder to put them on a bus in York.) We waited twenty minutes, while they located a driver who knew the route the train was going to take.

We started off, and hurried along to Northallerton. Then we turned off on a line that was new to me, passing through Hartlepool and Sunderland, until finally rejoining the main line just before crossing the Tyne bridge at Newcastle, where we arrived almost an hour late.

Inevitably, then, we lost more time, and were an hour and four minutes late at Leuchars.

A question: How long do I have to commute between London and Leuchars before I can expect to have seen all possible diversions from the main line?

As a matter of record, when my daughter started her university course at Manchester, I went up from Oxford on the train; because of weekend engineering works we were diverted via Worcester and Nuneaton, quite an indirect route!

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2 Responses to Diversions

  1. jbritnell2013 says:

    Not the Tyne Bridge, which is a road bridge. It’s possible you went over the High Level Bridge, which is close to the Tyne Bridge, and a few hundred yards downriver from the King Edward VII Bridge (the one you go over usually). If so, then your train must have changed direction at Newcastle.

    • Sorry for the slip. Indeed we went over the usual bridge — I didn’t know it was called the King Edward VII bridge. I guess I was thinking of the Forth Bridge…

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