A letter from Cheryl Praeger

Recirculated from the CMSA list.

A Turkish colleague, from a university which was closed by the government recently has written to me and I wonder if you’d be willing to circulate this message to the CMSA distribution list – in case someone can help.

My colleague did his PhD at Caltech, and held a senior (level D) academic position at a private university in Istanbul. He works in combinatorics and I have co-authors papers with him in combinatorics. His university was closed by the government in the aftermath of the events in July. He was abroad at the time and when he got back, he was not even allowed to take his personal belongings from the university – not even his digital records. Thus he lost his job and is currently unemployed with close to zero chance of finding a job in Turkey in the near future, due to the blacklisting and actions taken by the government.

Of course he is not alone in this, sharing his fate with many other academics. Indeed the American Mathematical Society, aware of the situation, recently wrote a letter to the president of Turkey, pleading on behalf of the “purged” academics. The link to the letter can be found here:

Click to access letter-to-president-erdogan-9-14-16.pdf

My colleague is in need of a job, be it permanent or temporary or visiting If anyone has a possibility of a position he could apply for please contact me. He has sent me his CV and I can send it on request. I can recommend him as an innovative mathematician across algebra and combinatorics, including coding theory.

Best wishes


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