Farewell Adelaide

Rainbow lorikeets

We move on to the next stage of the trip, from Adelaide to Perth.

This was only my second visit to Adelaide. I intended to have a holiday, in the hope of seeing off the last vestiges of shingles. I did quite well: walking in the Adelaide Hills (Black Hill, Mt Lofty, and Waite where I saw the rainbow lorikeets above), the Park Lands all round the city, the River Torrens Linear Park, and the beach from the mouth of the Torrens down to Glenelg; the State Library, Art Gallery, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, and Central Markets; Port Adelaide, with the Maritime and Railway Museums and a walk to Semaphore and Outer Harbor; and a weekend in Robe with stops in various places including two spots on the Coorong. Some eating and drinking of course. Even some mathematics, which I hope to write about soon, though there are still a few bugs to be ironed out.

But I am not sure about throwing off the shingles. Things seem to move much more slowly. I can spend a morning writing a couple of references now, and this wears me out so that I get little done in the afternoon. Things are improving but so slowly.

So if you are waiting for me to do something, bear with me a little longer.

Anyway, we are now in Perth, and the real work is about to begin …


About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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One Response to Farewell Adelaide

  1. Glad you enjoyed Adelaide! Mt Lofty is a wonderful walk.

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