My QMUL page updated

Since I moved to St Andrews in 2013, my QMUL web page stopped being a working page, and really needed to be re-jigged as a page of record. This I have now done.

It now points to many things, not just at QMUL but at St Andrews and on WordPress and Dropbox among others. You will find links to lecture notes, lists of publications, talks, and students, and the BCC pages, as well as miscellanea such as my LMS–Gresham lecture, travel diaries, the Donald Preece memorial day, and a few interesting mathematical websites.

I have heard various horror stories of academics’ web pages being taken over by administrators; even without any bad intentions, the administrators don’t seem very good at keeping the pages up to date. So part of the reason for moving things elsewhere is insurance against this (not that I imagine this would happen at QMUL!)

The new page is here. Please take a look and make comments, either below or by sending me an email.

Of course, what I have done is the easy part of the job. A much bigger job will be bringing up to date the lists of problems, conjectures, and so on. I am not sure that this will be done very soon …

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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2 Responses to My QMUL page updated

  1. Robin says:

    Valuable but rare that busy creators spare time for maintenance. But I would rather that meant materials had been moved to my first port of call, cameroncounts (which is largely the case, I think). As a “page of record” you just need two links: to cameroncounts and to

  2. The trouble is that, unless I pay money to WordPress, I will run out of space on cameroncounts if I move everything there. Also, some reorganisation is going to be needed sometime…

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