Who are these?

Who are these bright young group theorists in Durham in 1977?

group theorists

Thanks to John O’Connor for the picture.


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2 Responses to Who are these?

  1. uhmmartin says:

    Well, I know!

  2. Here is a list of the LMS Durham Symposia I have attended, with links to the conference photographs.

    • Homological and Combinatorial Methods in Group Theory, 6-16 September 1977: picture, key (this answers the question above)
    • Model theory and groups, 18-28 July 1988: picture (no key)
    • Groups and combinatorics, 5-15 July 1990: picture and key
    • Groups, geometry and combinatorics, 16-26 July 2001: picture, key
    • Graph theory and interactions, 15-25 July 2013: picture, key
    • Permutation groups and transformation semigroups, 20-30 July 2015: picture, key

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