ANZ 9: Lagoon Pocket

Lagoon Pocket birds

The last leg of my trip to the Southern Hemisphere was Christmas with my brother John and his wife Jenny on their dairy farm at Lagoon Pocket, near Gympie.

On the way from Alexandra Headland to Lagoon Pocket, as is now a family tradition, we stopped at the Ginger Factory at Yandina. The history is interesting. The soil on Buderim Mountain, just behind Alexandra Headlands, proved to be ideal for growing ginger, and an industry was established there. But then the development of the Sunshine Coast made the land too valuable to “waste” growing ginger. Rather than disappear, the ginger industry relocated some kilometres inland and up the highway to Yandina, built a new factory, and made it a major tourist attraction just off the main highway north. As well as factory tours, and rides in a train pulled by a locomotive that once hauled loads of sugarcane, there are many opportunities for buying ginger-themed products and related stuff.

Christmas itself was a last chance to relax before the trip home and back into work. Apart from a trip to Kingaroy to see their daughter Gil and her family on Boxing Day, we lounged about, ate and drank plenty, and wandered down to the Mary River and the lagoon that gives the pocket its name. (Incidentally, the word “pocket” for land enclosed in a bend in the river is common in this part of the world, but not much used elsewhere.)

Above are some of the birds we saw: rosella, peewee, crested pigeon, corellas, ibis, babbler, and cattle egret.

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