ANZ 2: kunanyi bushwalk


Yesterday, taking advantage of a warm sunny day, I walked up the mountain overlooking Hobart, kunanyi (European name Mt Wellington). The summit is often shrouded in cloud, but yesterday viewing conditions were very good, and the views in all directions superb. (Another walker I met on the mountain told me that last Thursday there had been hail and sleet up there.)

kunanyi is 1271 metres high; the town bus runs to Fern Tree, at 420 metres, so 850 metres are gained in the course of a 4.5km walk, an average slope of very nearly 1 in 5, on a track which was stony and uneven for long stretches. I caught the 8.25 bus and started the walk at 9, reaching the top at 10.45; I admit that I found the ascent a bit tiring, but the views at every stage were well worth the effort.

I came down a different way. (For those who know the area, I ascended by the Middle, Pinnacle and Zig-Zag tracks and came down by the Panorama, Organ Pipes, Sawmill, Shoobridge and Fern Glade tracks.) A very varied and most enjoyable walk; apart from numerous wildflowers, I got a glimpse of a wallaby hiding in shadow beside the track, and was entertained by a great variety of birdsong.

Then a substantial lunch in the pub, and back on the bus, in time to spend the afternoon working.

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2 Responses to ANZ 2: kunanyi bushwalk

  1. Good effort, that. I rode up on my motorbike last Saturday, the weather was clear then too. Kunanyi-Mt.Wellington has many moods. Late afternoon on approach to Hobart over the Tasman bridge, celestial rays piercing through the clouds above and illuminating Hobart below is my particular favourite. Hope you got to take in MONA?

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