Journal of Computation and Mathematics

The London Mathematical Society includes in its portfolio a single diamond open access journal, the Journal of Computation and Mathematics.

But not for much longer, if the LMS Council has its way.

A group of interested persons (whose names have not been revealed in correspondence from the LMS to its members) have called for a Special General Meeting of the society to discuss the issue, so it is possible that the decision may be changed.

Please make up your own mind about this and act accordingly. But I would make two points, hopefully uncontroversial.

  1. The LMS claims that in the 18 years of its existence the journal has cost £380,000 to run. (No breakdown of this figure is given.) Given that Tim Gowers has found an organisation to run his new arXiv overlay journal Discrete Analysis at $10 per submission, it seems that either the journal has been inundated with submissions, or the LMS has not run it very efficiently.
  2. At a time when academic publishing is in a state of flux, it seems a bit rash to close down one publishing model which might have an important contribution to make.

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3 Responses to Journal of Computation and Mathematics

  1. Dima says:

    this story has prompted me to join LMS, in fact (well – hopefully my membership is approved today…)

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