Farewell CAUL


CAUL (Centro de Álgebra da Universidade de Lisboa) is no more. Its many links from web pages all over the world no longer lead anywhere.

As I understand it, the Universidade de Lisboa have decided that the building is much too nice for algebraists, and should be filled with administrators instead.

But why does this mean that CAUL has to be dismantled?

Indeed, what is the purpose of a university, if a jewel such as CAUL can be thrown away ostensibly because administrators “need” the building?

I don’t know. Can anyone tell me?

Something like this makes each of us look nervously over our shoulders, wondering if something like this could happen to us. CAUL was rapidly becoming a second home to me, and I remember moments such as the one in October last year when I was able to look up from the screen and say to João (whose office I was sharing) “The almost synchronizing conjecture is false”: I had just found that a certain 45-vertex graph has an endomorphism onto a butterfly. (Before my arrival a few days earlier I had no inkling that this was going to happen.)

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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