British Combinatorial Committee

Announcing a new website for the British Combinatorial Committee:

The British Combinatorial Committee is a charity, registered in Scotland, whose objective is the support of combinatorial and discrete mathematics in the United Kingdom. I have the honour of being the chair of the Committee. The fact that it is registered in Scotland is really a historical accident: over the period when we made this change, several key officers of the committee, including John Sheehan, Ian Anderson, Peter Rowlinson, and Keith Edwards, were based in Scotland. (What we would have done if the Scottish independence referendum had produced a different result is not clear, though I hope it would not have made much difference.)

The Committee oversees various activities, chiefly the biennial British Combinatorial Conference (the next one is at the University of Warwick – see you there!). We also support various conference sequences and one-offs in Britain, publish an annual Bulletin and more frequent Newsletters, and so on, in accordance with our constitution (which you can find on the new website). One of our features is a list of conferences in combinatorics and related areas (which I have interpreted fairly widely since I have been running it).

Since I retired from Queen Mary in 2012, maintaining a website there has been a bit of a stretch, and I felt a bit vulnerable to accidents such as forgetting to update my password and losing access. Better, I thought, to have the website somewhere that is not dependent on university administrators or IT staff, and which can easily be taken over when it becomes necessary.

So I got around to moving much of the material at Queen Mary to the new website, and updating it at the same time. (This is one of several jobs where I got a bit behindhand: my apologies if you sent me details of a conference and I was seriously slow in responding. Hopefully normal service has now been resumed.)

Anyway, take a look at the new website. A WordPress site distinguishes between posts (which are topical and assumed to be of only short-term interest) and pages (which are static, though of course they can be updated). Most of our information will be on pages, but I intend to use posts to highlight upcoming conferences or news items, and perhaps for conference reports, book reviews, and so forth, if I can persuade people to write them. My co-conspirators are Keith Edwards, James Hirschfeld, and David Penman.

Let me know what you think; and most important, send me information which should appear on the site (either by email, or by commenting on what is there).

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  1. Perhaps I did this just in time. Today I have been unable to log in to Queen Mary or even to view web pages there.

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