Interlude in St Andrews

St Andrews from West Sands

A fortnight in St Andrews was intended to be a little rest after a busy few months. It didn’t work out that way. Several mathematical things which I will report on later, including a visit from my collaborator Celia Glass to sort out the revision of one paper and the first version of another; a lot of activity around graph homomorphisms; progressing research projcets with two colleagues; writing three hours of talks for the Banff meeting next week on constraint satisfaction (what do I know about constraint satisfaction?)

As well, I gave a lecture (on regular polytopes, and went to several other talks (on fractals, optimal versus rich designs, normal subgroups of automorphism groups of nice countable structures, acyclic orientations, and reaction-diffusion in living cells).

Amid all this, a little bit of time off. A gentle walk on the Fife Coastal Path from Kinghorn to Aberdour; a walk on West Sands in the morning (picture above); and yesterday morning, a walk along Lade Braes, where the last autumn leaves were still very colourful, and a heron fishing in the rapids near the Botanic Garden watched me warily but didn’t fly away. It was a sunny morning, and everyone I passed in the street was smiling.

I feel very fortunate to be able to spend time in this beautiful place.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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