From Lisbon to Prague

I love Lisbon

A plane, three trains, various buses and tubes, and I have been translated from Lisbon to Prague. Time to celebrate with some eye candy perhaps: from here

Almada church

to here:

Charles Bridge and Castle

Prague is beautiful too, and full of magic:

Art gallery window

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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1 Response to From Lisbon to Prague

  1. Two things that Lisbon and Prague have in common:

    • Pavements made of tessera of stone (calçada in Portuguese, I am not sure of the Czech name). Some differences: many of the Lisbon pavements are artistic, the Prague pavements are mostly geometric patterns; in Lisbon they are black and white, but red is also common in Prague.
    • In both cities, lantana is grown as an ornamental plant. Where I grew up, it ran wild, and covered quite large areas of land in unproductive and impenetrable scrub; but the smell of the crushed leaves is still very evocative for me,

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