Quieter times

Rainbow over Wolvercote

Things have been a little quieter for the last couple of weeks. Tomorrow, off to Portugal for a week and a half, then the Czech Republic for a week, then a couple of weeks to catch my breath before New Zealand …

I have managed a bit of rushing round to see family.

Neill’s second book, How to make Awesome Comics, is out next month from David Fickling Books. For the young person in your life, make sure you get hold of one! He also did some artwork for the Cowley Road Carnival last weekend, and said it was quite spooky to see it plastered on every bus stop in Oxford!

Bus stop, Morrell Avenue

I learned a little bit more about Hester’s working life too. She was surprised to find a recent presentation she gave about decommissioning in the oil industry available on the web. To my somewhat biased view, she has done a good job, presenting hard facts and mostly avoiding management-speak.

Apart from all that, I have been doing some work: Pablo Spiga and I have a first draft of the paper on the theorem I discussed in the last post, and Sebastian Cioabă and I have nearly finished the paper on edge partitions of complete graphs I discussed last year.

Oh, and I set a resit exam for Mathematical Structures (but I don’t have to mark it 🙂 )

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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