Busy times, 1

No time to do much more than a brief running commentary of what I am doing, just for my own sanity. Pardon the self-indulgence!

The Mathematical Structures exam was on Wednesday afternoon. It was in a new venue to me, the John Orwell Sports Centre at Wapping Pier Head. This is near to where an iconic photograph of the Beatles was taken on 28 July 1968. I didn’t know where it was exactly, so I decided to walk there. Down the Regents Canal I saw a pair of coots with nine young, and a pair of swans also with nine young. On the Thames Path National Trail, bright green new leaves on ash trees in King Edward VII park were lit by the sun against lowering clouds. (In St Andrews, the ash trees are yet only at the “broccoli” stage.)

I found the hall by the stream of students heading towards it. (They had already
had at least one exam there.) I went in and looked at the paper. I hadn’t seen it since I set it in January. The exams secretary had told me (in the presence of the students) that it was too easy, but I was relieved to find that this wasn’t so – there were easy bits, but some things would require clear thought to solve.

I left after half an hour. I walked home through the tangled streets of Wapping and Shadwell, places I hadn’t seen despite having lived almost in the area for more than fifteen years. Lovely green parks in Wapping, the former waterway between Shadwell Basin and St Katherine’s Dock (now divided into a number of pools), and Arbour Square, one of the few bits reasonably intact after WWII bombing.

Arriving home, I discovered that a misprint had been found in the paper. We will see how this is best dealt with.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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