Service interrupted

My BT broadband at present is not just feeble, it has gone on strike completely. Just switching on the computer puts it into a sulk and it refuses to do anything. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to react quite so negatively to the iPad, so I am not entirely cut off from the world; but I find that gadget very difficult to type on. I don’t know what the problem is, and haven’t yet tried to get any answers from BT.

At the same time, Ubuntu One (where I had some stuff stored in the cloud) changed their security system, and I can no longer access my stuff; to make it worse, I had one reply from them, suggesting a solution which didn’t work, and since then, silence.

Finally, a power cut over the weekend made accessing my files impossible until this morning.

All this means that I may not post quite so frequently, and may not be quite so quick to process comments, especially at weekends. Basically, what I can’t do in a few stolen moments of time at work doesn’t get done at all.

Does this mean the end for Cameron Counts? Maybe not just yet, but difficult times ahead.

On the subject of comments, I was in London last weekend and picked up a Big Issue. It had an article about the army of people who comment on news sites, blogs, and so forth. It just reminded me how very lucky I am with my readers, who can disagree in the politest possible way and never resort to bad language. Thank you all. It seems that out there, a lot of people “below the line” regard themselves as guerilla fighters, trolls (a term some people embrace, feeling that they provide a useful service), and in general “voices from outwith the mainstream”. The famous blogger Guido Fawkes claims to get 100,000 page views a day, and 50 people account for half of all the comments posted. He regards these 50 as “obsessed and extreme”, and certainly one of the people interviewed, who spends 17 hours a day commenting, must be at least obsessed if not extreme.

These people claim to hold the state to account in a way that the press should do but fail to, since they are so intertwined with the establishment themselves. At the end of last week, one of my favourite blogs, London Reconnections, had an article about how narrowly Marylebone station in London avoided being closed and its tracks turned into a road. This drew comments from one former civil servant and one former local politician, both of whom had quit because of the stupidity and dishonesty that so riddled politics back then. It is probably no different now. But someone must hold these crooks to account!


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3 Responses to Service interrupted

  1. Slightly better today – whether because I switched the hub off and on again, or just random, I have no idea. Anyway, apocalypse postponed…

  2. I believe Ubuntu One is terminating its services w.e.f June 1, 2014:

    I hope you would be able to (or already have) downloaded your stuff from there!

    • Dear Kannappan,

      Thank you for the heads-up.

      The story is a little bit more complicated. A few months ago, Ubuntu One announced that because of new security systems all users would have to de-register their machines and then re-register them. Because of a bug somewhere, I was unable to de-register my laptop. So I simply copied everything out of the Ubuntu One directory and waited. Ubuntu One promised that they would tell me what to do to get round the problem, but they never did. So when they announced the shut-down I was already prepared; they can delete all my files now.

      I decided in the end to buy a subscription to Dropbox. The reason for hestitating was that you could buy multiples of 20Gb from Ubuntu One whereas the minimum order from Dropbox was 100Gb. But I now have enough stuff to fill up a fair proportion of 100Gb. Of course, I keep my options open by regular backups onto a portable hard disk.

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