A use for an iPad

I haven’t really learned to love my iPad, though I have to admit that it can be used as an encyclopaedia when doing crosswords of the more learned variety. But it did prove its worth during the week.

At a certain point, my home broadband connection went down. After some time it reappeared, but my laptop refused to connect: the web browser and ssh couldn’t find the nameserver, and Dropbox refused to synchronize, with a most unhelpful error message to the effect that the date and time on my computer were wrong and I should correct them and try again. Restarting the computer, or switching the broadband hub off and then on again, didn’t make any difference.

I thought I would at least try the iPad before attempting to get hold of BT to sort it out. At first I got a similar response from Safari: the iPad is not connected to the Internet, it said. But after a while (and I can’t remember what I did to provoke this), the BT wi-fi app kicked in automatically and asked me if I would like it to diagnose the problem. I accepted; it asked what kind of connection I had (giving me two helpful pictures to figure it out if I didn’t know), and then, without any more fuss, it simply fixed the problem. I have no idea what it did, what threats it made to the broadband hub, but suddenly everything was working again!

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1 Response to A use for an iPad

  1. Given BT’s reputation for, ahem, _fixing_ things, and the iPad’s walled garden (with razorwire for wifi API access), and the fact that you really don’t know what the problem or solution were…I’d much prefer to believe you fixed it by baking the One Ring in a pie with four-and-twenty blackbirds.

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