While, to the mystification of the rest of the world, the US government has shut down, I have replaced the link to Astronomy Picture of the Day to a mirror site at UCL.

I’m not sure how reliable this will be. It wasn’t working this morning, but is now. If you, like me, need your daily fix of APOD, try the link in the sidebar, or else try this.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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3 Responses to APOD

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  2. At the moment the UCL site is still showing yesterday’s picture.

  3. Jon Awbrey says:

    The APOD site used to provide a widget that updated your wallpaper at midnight to the coming day’s picture. The copy I installed years ago still works — well, not right now — but I haven’t seen the place where I got it lately. Don’t know if any of the other mirrors provide one.

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