A non-person

Earlier this week I as dealing with one of the receptionists outside the Principal’s office, acquiring a copy of a recently published book by my colleague Donald Preece on the pipe organs of east London. The Vice-Principal (Science and Engineering) came out of an office to talk to another receptionist, and would not make eye contact with me.

Some time ago, my access from the College publications list was removed. Later, I found I was having great difficulty getting access to the student database (no small matter since I was teaching a module with 280 students at the time).

When the School tried to pay me for teaching this module, they discovered that my details had been deleted by the Finance office, and I had to submit bank details and NI number all over again.

Today I have been removed from the department’s academic staff list.

I still have my office, and my College login and email still work, but for how much longer?

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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5 Responses to A non-person

  1. I have a similar experience, on average, about every 18 months!

  2. I would not have guessed at the reply from IT support:

    “The reason that you no longer exist in the Staff lists is because we specifically exclude persons with the title of ‘Emeritus’, Rosemary appears because she currently has the title ‘Emerita’ (which is, naturally, not excluded but probably should be).”

    There is, incidentally, no sublist of emeritus staff on the staff list. Officially, emeritus = non-person.

    • Nigel White says:

      Since you posted this it would seem that you have reappeared on the staff list, but Rosemary has disappeared!

      • I am not sure what is going on. I expect that Rosemary has disappeared because somebody taught the computer enough Latin that it wouldn’t show this gender prejudice; I am back because “Emeritus” was manually deleted from my job title.

        In the past, our department used to take pride in its very distinguished emeritus staff, including people like Ian Macdonald, Charles Leedham-Green, and the late Karl Gruenberg. Now the view seems to be that they need to be hidden away.

  3. Ralph Dratman says:

    Invisible, un-hearable, status: ghost.

    Are there many ghosts? You might form a whole Ghost University, something like a Shadow Cabinet.

    Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

    What if all the ghosts spoke at once? Perhaps then there would be just a very faint sound that made normal people pause and ask, Was that the wind?

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