Combinatorics, Algebra and More

There is now a web page for this conference, here.

I am overwhelmed by the list of speakers that Leonard Soicher has managed to put together: João Araújo, László Babai (tbc), R. A. Bailey, Peter Cameron, Michael Giudici, Timothy Gowers (tbc), Robert Johnson, Martin Liebeck, Dugald Macpherson, Peter Neumann, Donald Preece, Thomas Prellberg, Alan Sokal, Anatoly Vershik, Bridget Webb, and Geoff Whittle. I hope the two tbc’s can make it, but even if not, it is an amazing lineup. I feel enormously honoured.

Please come along, if you possibly can. A retirement walk is one thing, this is something else again!

But please note that I am not involved in the organisation, so don’t direct your questions to me.


About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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