When I got up this morning, I turned over the calendar, backed up my laptop, and then opened a big envelope from USS telling me about my pension. From today I am no longer one of the salaried class.

Retirement seems like a good excuse for a bit of downsizing. I have a rather large collection of journals; London Mathematical Society journals from the time I joined until the time I realised I had no space for them; a very long run of Discrete Mathematics; and various others such as Combinatorica, JCT (A), etc.

Nobody wants journals any more; I have had the sad job of trying to dispose of former colleagues’ journals, and usually most of them went into the recycling bin.

Does anybody want any, or have any reasonable suggestions?

I will also try to catch up on some jobs such as refereeing, where I fell behind while I was in a black hole trying to make this decision.

But of course I am not giving up the things I like doing. As well as my new course, I am giving two seminar talks this month, as well as talking to the Old Codgers at the end of the month about last month’s theorem.


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5 Responses to Retirement

  1. guest says:

    Have you thought about giving it to some math library which do not have these journals?

    By he way, elsevier is opening access to some of these journals. See

  2. Laurent says:


    Paper is on the way out, I am afraid. I guess that is how History can lose track of an era.
    Embrace ebook readers and tablets!

  3. Congrats on your retirement, although I doubt it will stop your pursuit of Mathematics. 🙂

    On the journals, you need to put them somewhere where they will be of maximal benefit to others. If a library won’t take them (I guess QM has them already) then the second hand bookshop SKOOB might at Russell Square. They have a Mathematics section.

  4. Colin says:

    Welcome to the happy band. Retirement is a myth even for non academics like me. I got my early escape package in 2011 and have never regretted it.

    Incidentally Dad never offloaded 26 years of teaching books, & some 50+ years of IEE and other electronic style journals. We had a lot of disposal to do when we cleared the family house after he died and Mum downsized!

  5. Thomas says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! I understand that there are organisations which will arrange for old journals to go to libraries overseas where they can’t afford subscriptions, but I imagine it heavily depends on demand. I would love to take a few off your hands, but I won’t be in London until the 16th. Please email me if some will still be around!

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