The next thing for lectures?

Diamond Geezer at the Paralympics, Friday 7 September 2012:

Some venues in the Olympic Park are haunted by a roving fancam which alights on members of the audience and encourages them to perform. The commentator in the Aquatic Centre was particularly insistent on everyone joining in, even when some poor unfortunate soul wasn’t watching the screen and didn’t know they were ‘on’. At one point he invited the crowd to turn to anyone who wasn’t clapping along to Queen’s We Will Rock You and demand of them why they weren’t taking part. For those of us who don’t do spontaneous (or enforced) jollity, this man was the devil incarnate. Thankfully the cameras couldn’t reach the upper half of the grandstands, so those of us in the cheaper seats never once risked embarrassment.


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2 Responses to The next thing for lectures?

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Try to keep up. Fancams are strictly old hat, nowhere near the Wave of the Future in compulsive education.

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