A milestone

Today an email came from João Araújo with the subject “Yes!!” One of the three papers we wrote in April has been accepted, subject to dealing with one comment from the referee.

The comment was easily dealt with, after an initial panic. A lemma claimed that something holds for all groups of degree n ≥ 4. In fact, there are two counterexamples of degree 9. But in the section where this lemma occurs, we are proving the main theorem for n ≥ 10, the groups of smaller degree being dealt with (mostly computationally) in the following section. So it is just a case of changing slightly the hypothesis in the lemma.

We were indebted for the computation to James Mitchell and Max Neunhöffer, and they are both co-authors of the paper.

The milestone is the fact that this brings the number of my co-authors of published or accepted papers to 150. A much more significant milestone than simply getting the number of posts on this blog up to the next multiple of 5, I think!

If you look at the Erdős Number Project website, you will get some slightly inaccurate information about my co-authors. Last time they looked, they didn’t realise that P. P. Alejandro and P. A. Kazanidis are the same person, or that R. A. Bailey and R. F. Bailey are different people. I am not sure whether they deal with my two coauthors called Mike Newman correctly (they do have different middle initials).

Actually my rules are less strict than those for Erdős number. I include Chris Budd, Stephen Cooter and David Spiegelhalter, with whom I wrote an article about the Horizon programme on Infinity for the IMA newsletter.

A glass of bubbly tonight? And, especially, thanks to all of my co-authors, from whom I have learned much (though maybe not as much as from my students).

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