Laplacian eigenvalues and optimality

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An LTCC intensive course by R. A. Bailey and Peter J. Cameron
Rockefeller Building, Gower Street, London, 13-14 June 2012

The course brings together concepts from Pure Mathematics (Laplacian
eigenvalues of graphs) and Statistics (optimal design of experiments).

It will be organised as four 2-hour lectures, commencing at 1pm on Wednesday 13 June 2012, and finishing at around 1pm the next day.

Lecture 1: Block designs (RAB)
Block designs in use; complete- and incomplete-block designs; balanced incomplete-block designs; estimation using block designs.
Lecture 2: Graphs and Laplacians (PJC)
The Laplacian matrix of a graph and its spectrum; connections with spanning trees, isoperimetric properties, electrical networks and random walks.
Lecture 3: Designs, graphs and optimality (RAB)
The concurrence and Levi graphs of a block design. Variance and resistance, spanning trees. Definitions of optimality; optimality of BIBDs and group divisible designs.
Lecture 4: More on graphs (PJC)
Optimality and graph properties; variance-balanced designs. The Tutte polynomial; spanning trees, acyclic and totally cyclic orientations of graphs.

To register for the course, email Nisha Jones,
There is a course web page at

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