A Lisbon square

A Lisbon square

Are there languages other than English in which the words for an urban space and a regular 4-gon are the same?

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6 Responses to A Lisbon square

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    ⧉ ⧉ ⧉ I’m guessing all roads lead to Rome on this one ⧈ ⧈ ⧈

  2. Bill Fahle says:

    I’m learning basic Italian because my dad is moving there for a year, and their somewhat equivalent word (for “downtown”) is “del centro”, which I’m guessing has something to do with centers. So naturally, they translate the Downtown song to “Ciao Ciao”.

  3. Colin Reid says:

    Québécois French apparently uses ‘carré’ for both (although it is probably a calque from English in the sense of an urban space). The English word ‘square’ is also used in French, particularly in Quebec but also elsewhere. There are squares in Brussels that are called ‘square’ in both French and Dutch, e.g. “Square Marie-Lousie”/”Maria-Louizasquare”. Unfortunately I don’t think either language uses ‘square’ to mean a regular quadrilateral.

  4. Pontus von Brömssen says:

    According to Wiktionary, the words are the same in Scottish Gaelic and (more or less) in Irish.

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