The slowest web designer?

My sister Marie has a web page, I helped her write the original page when I was visiting her some time ago.

I wasn’t terribly proud of the design, and I don’t think Marie liked it either, although she did use it regularly and uploaded a lot of documents in her areas of interest (mainly family history). So three years ago, when I visited her again, we discussed this, and I produced a re-design of the website.

Now Marie claims to be inexpert with computers, and even a bit scared of them, though I think she is less so than she makes out to be. So, although I sent her the pages, and she had instructions for uploading them, nothing happened; they languished, and so did the old website.

Now, after my visit to Melbourne, I spent Christmas with her. So we dusted off the old files, and uploaded them (this required some negotiations with the ISP, since something had gone wrong with their FTP server in the meantime).

So, after only three years, the pages are up and running. As I said, I am responsible for the design of the top page and its three descendants. I tried to make what I consider good pages: simple to use, no eye candy. Take a look, if you are so inclined; I hope you like it.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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