Eco pressed, eco stressed?

You may have seen an “EcoPressed” logo and trailer for various blogs on environmental issues at the bottom of some of my older posts, and wondered what is going on and whether I have gone commercial.

If it is any reassurance, I don’t know what’s going on either.

“EcoPressed” is a WordPress initiative to draw attention to some blogs which treat environmental issues. Their description of it runs:

Each weekday, we update EcoPressed with the latest and greatest posts from WordPress bloggers focusing on environmental topics like clean tech, renewable energy, and eco-friendly innovation, along with posts from other independent green thinkers from across the Web.

They choose which posts to highlight; the criteria are not entirely clear to me. I don’t think I focus on environmental topics, and I really don’t think I am an independent green thinker …

Does it matter? At first, I was a bit bothered that I might seem to be advertising something over which I have no control. But then I decided that it doesn’t really do much harm; everyone who reads what I write can decide for themselves whether to click on a link like this, and you all believe that doing so carries no suggestion that I endorse the views that you read as a result.

If there were strong feeling, I would try to get this discontinued. So please let me know if you would really like this to happen. I suspect that the response will be as suggested in the photo below.

Of course, it might all be a mistake, and the links might simply disappear of their own accord when someone realises what has happened.

How's my graffiti?


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3 Responses to Eco pressed, eco stressed?

  1. Laurent says:

    It seems harmless to me.

  2. It seems my comment in the last paragraph was prescient. I am no longer an independent green thinker…

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