A survey reported today shows that nearly half of British people think there are too many immigrants in the country, a figure considerably higher than that in other European or North American countries. Nearly a quarter think that immigration is the most serious issue facing the country.

It’s nice to feel so welcome, in a country where I have lived and worked for forty years…

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4 Responses to Immigration

  1. Andy says:

    It looks like they might have interviewed the other half 4 years ago:

    A Google news search of the phrase ” half of British people” has other interesting results:

    More than half of British people associate the religion with extremism and terrorism.

    Nearly half of British people wrongly believe that three eggs a week is the most that should be eaten.

    More than half of British people in a relationship are more interested in a kiss and a cuddle on the sofa than passion between the sheets

    More than half of British people have no idea why Easter is celebrated

  2. Yemon Choi says:

    Yes, but Peter, you are – except when newspapers feel the need to pretend they care about cricket – the *right* kind of immigrant; a label that has nothing to do with ethnicity and native language, of course…

    (HTML does not seem to have an “irony” tag, but I hope the sense comes across.)

  3. Michael Giudici says:

    Amusingly, the ad by google showing when I viewed this was for immigration to Australia!

  4. OK, I’ll come clean. This was partly an experiment to see how many of those people for whom the word “immigration” presses an emotional button would be attracted to this post.

    It turned out, not too many. The number of visitors yesterday was only one-fifth of the number the day that “geomagic squares” caught the public imagination.

    What it did attract was a cartload of spam. Amusingly one of these was from a dating agency in Edinburgh who had apparently read what I wrote, though without much care (and without noting the “irony” tag). They were inviting me to use their services to marry a British citizen.

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