Eclipse weather tales

In the last month there have been two eclipses. Because of the weather, I have missed both.

At the last full moon, there was a lunar eclipse visible over the Pacific and North America. I was supposed to go to Taiwan to give a course of lectures; the eclipse would be in the evening of the day I was to arrive. Alas, the closure of Heathrow put paid to that.

This week there was a solar eclipse which should have been visible in London as the sun rose. Given the weather, it seemed pointless to make too much of an effort, but I did walk down to the Thames Path at Shadwell, to put an expanse of water between me and the rising sun if it chose to appear. Of course it didn’t. But there was a noticeably different quality to the light; this photo was the best I could do, though it doesn’t really capture it.

Eclipse over the Thames

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