A mathematician is someone who, faced by the question “Do you have any more comments?” on a questionnaire, answers “Yes”,

(I found exactly this question on a questionnaire at Castle Kennedy Gardens today. In fact I answered “No”.)

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I count all the things that need to be counted.
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6 Responses to Definition

  1. seancarmody says:

    This makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, those close to me tell me that while I may understand the rules of logic, I do not always seem to have a firm grasp of the rules of conversation. This was in fact the inspiration for a blog post of my own not so long ago.

    • I nearly got into serious trouble few years ago, when a ticket inspector on the London underground said to me “I didn’t see your photocard”.

  2. Michael Giudici says:

    I often respond to people coming to my office and asking `Can I please ask you a question?’ with

    `You just did. Would you like to ask another one?’

  3. Sean Carmody says:

    It becomes increasingly clear that an understanding of logic can be a danger to one’s health!

  4. This morning, Diamond Geezer says,

    And then I saw the sticker on the front. “Half Price”. Ooh, I thought, half price. I don’t know what full price is, but half price sounds like a bargain. Most importantly, half price now is probably equivalent to the full price they’ll be charging this time next year for the paperback. So I went inside, and found that full price was £20. Even better, “half price” turned out to be £9.99, which was untrue but was at least in my favour so I wasn’t complaining.

  5. And what to make of this notice in Birmingham? “Sale: up to 50%”.

    The construction “Up to 50% or more” is also used sometimes.

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