The journey of a picture

Works of art have a tendency to escape their creators.

Last summer, Neill drew a picture for me to illustrate my lecture at the BCC in St Andrews. It was based on the story that when Mahalanobis’s secretary told him that Bose was “working in fields”, Mahalanobis understood “paddy fields” rather than “Galois fields”: the deception was deliberate, to give Bose time for his fundamental researches in design theory.

The picture has just turned up here, in a blog about, of all things, lightning calculators. It seems likely that the writer of this piece doesn’t clearly understand the Bose story, and is using the picture as a contrast between concrete and abstract ways of thinking (or perhaps just as eye candy).

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2 Responses to The journey of a picture

  1. See here for why this might not be a bad thing.

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