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Graph Theory and Interactions

In the second half of July, a LMS/EPSRC Durham Symposium was held on Graph Theory and Interactions. This was the 99th in the series, which began with a symposium on Global Riemanniam Geometry, organised by Michael Atiyah, in 1974. In … Continue reading

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Combinatorics, Algebra and More: conference report

I wrote about the walks already, but not about the conference itself. It was an amazingly friendly and good-natured event: everyone seemed to be happy and cheerful, the College catering staff excelled themselves (they even put on a cream tea … Continue reading

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Conference walks, 3

The conference is over; I will have more to say about it later, but here is a brief report on the walks. On Sunday, 23 people did all or part of the walk, though not everybody managed to meet us … Continue reading

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Will computers discover topology?

We have just had, as usual, a set of very fine lectures at the British Combinatorial Conference at Royal Holloway. I’ve said a bit about the lectures by Doron Zeilberger and Einar Steingrímsson. I can’t discuss them all, but I … Continue reading

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A problem and a bet

In the young but flourishing subject of permutation patterns, it is usual to regard a permutation of {1,…,n} as simply a sequence containing each of these numbers just once. So 31542 is a permutation of {1,…,5}. This is in agreement … Continue reading

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Postgraduate combinatorics conference

A quick advertisement. The Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London, 14-16 August this year. The webpage is here. Registration closes soon. Why should you go? It’s a small friendly conference; the people you meet … Continue reading

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Conference walks, 2

An update on the walks on 7 and 11 July: see here for the original post. Lists of people who have signed up already are at the end of this post, and I will keep them updated. Please give me … Continue reading

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Algebra in Novi Sad

I have just spent a very wet week in Novi Sad at the fourth Novi Sad Algebraic Conference. Wet both in the sense of the large amount of rain that fell (most afternoons brought lightning, thunder and a heavy downpour) … Continue reading

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How some light got in

By some terrible misunderstanding, I only got to spend one day at the “How the light gets in” festival in Hay-on-Wye. Next year, I will have to organise things better! A music and philosophy festival, it certainly lived up to … Continue reading

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Intersecting spheres

Sometimes the real world and the blogosphere intersect, as they did yesteray. Yemon Choi, from Saskatchewan, whose blog Since it is not … has been on my sidebar for quite some time and has survived my occasional culls, gave a … Continue reading

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