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Computational group theory, 1

Computational group theory is the art or science of using a computer to learn something about a group. I was introduced to it by John Cannon in the early 1980s. It seems like a black art to many mathematicians (myself … Continue reading

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A celebration of diversity

Today, the University of Auckland put on a morning meeting entitled Excellence in Mathematics: A Celebration of Diversity. As the program (which is here) makes clear, it is actually a celebration of female mathematicians, and in particular the recent Fields … Continue reading

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Open access and metrics: the Ball committee report

I mentioned this report in an earlier post; I am grateful to John Ball for directing me to the report on the web (here; the press release is here). The overall conclusions are clear. The ICSU goals for open access … Continue reading

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Waitakere ranges

Yesterday we went to the Waitakere ranges. We took the train (Western line) to Swanson. This is one stop short of the terminus at Waitakere, but trains don’t run to Waitakere on Sundays, and after the imminent electrification of the … Continue reading

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Bibliometrics, open access, and all that

On Saturday, the delegates to the ICSU in Auckland were supposed to be taken on various sightseeing trips around the city before getting down to serious work the next day. Unfortunately, the weather put paid to most of that: it … Continue reading

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Regular polytopes, 2

In the preceding post with this title, I showed how to translate the existence question for regular polytopes into one concerning groups, specifically string C-groups. I will begin by saying a bit more about the reverse construction. Suppose that we … Continue reading

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Regular polytopes, 1

One of the topics I am thinking about with Dimitri Leemans at present concerns regular polytopes. He and his co-authors Maria Elisa Fernandes and Mark Mixer have produced some nice results and a tantalising problem about these objects. I will … Continue reading

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