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Regular polytopes, 1

One of the topics I am thinking about with Dimitri Leemans at present concerns regular polytopes. He and his co-authors Maria Elisa Fernandes and Mark Mixer have produced some nice results and a tantalising problem about these objects. I will … Continue reading

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Hood fellowships

On Monday, we went to a celebration of 10 years of the Hood Foundation, in University House, a lovely building which had been a synagogue and then a bank and was now offices for part of the university administration (with … Continue reading

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A symmetric design

Quite a long time ago, Arunas Rudvalis discovered a symmetric 2-(14080,1444,148) design: a set of 14080 points, with 14080 subsets of size 1444 called blocks, with the property that any point lies in 1444 blocks, any two points in 148 … Continue reading

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Across New Zealand

Yesterday, Cheryl Praeger arrived in Auckland on an overnight flight from the ICM in Korea. She is here for a meeting on Science advice to Governments, involving international scientific organisations (including the IMU) as well as government scientific advisers from … Continue reading

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Rosemary and I are in Auckland on a seven week research visit, supported by Hood fellowships from the University. Already I am working on several projects, on polytopes, automorphic loops, symmetric designs, optimal neighbour designs, and median graphs. I hope … Continue reading

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How to make awesome comics

WordPress claim the right to put advertisements on my blog, because I am too mean to pay them not to. But I think I have the right to put advertisements up myself. Neill’s second book, How to make awesome comics, … Continue reading

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Google Scholar citations

This is too good not to report! I looked at my Google Scholar page today. One of the items had an asterisk by it, so I decided to explore. It helpfully explained that this citation may include more than one … Continue reading

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