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I count all the things that need to be counted.

A symmetric design

Quite a long time ago, Arunas Rudvalis discovered a symmetric 2-(14080,1444,148) design: a set of 14080 points, with 14080 subsets of size 1444 called blocks, with the property that any point lies in 1444 blocks, any two points in 148 … Continue reading

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Across New Zealand

Yesterday, Cheryl Praeger arrived in Auckland on an overnight flight from the ICM in Korea. She is here for a meeting on Science advice to Governments, involving international scientific organisations (including the IMU) as well as government scientific advisers from … Continue reading

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Rosemary and I are in Auckland on a seven week research visit, supported by Hood fellowships from the University. Already I am working on several projects, on polytopes, automorphic loops, symmetric designs, optimal neighbour designs, and median graphs. I hope … Continue reading

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How to make awesome comics

WordPress claim the right to put advertisements on my blog, because I am too mean to pay them not to. But I think I have the right to put advertisements up myself. Neill’s second book, How to make awesome comics, … Continue reading

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Google Scholar citations

This is too good not to report! I looked at my Google Scholar page today. One of the items had an asterisk by it, so I decided to explore. It helpfully explained that this citation may include more than one … Continue reading

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A salute to whistleblowers

How sad to have to report this piece of news from Queen Mary, University of London. In 2012, John Allen and Fanis Missirlis, of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, co-authored a letter to The Lancet about the use … Continue reading

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A cliff

The “combinatorial explosion” is a well-known phenomenon. I recently came across a very dramatic example of it. I was trying to compute the function F(n,k), defined to be the maximum of |S|×|P|, over all sets S of k-subsets and all … Continue reading

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